A bit o' goodness

This page has some files that will let Abit KA7 owners use the magical H. Oda's SoftFSB program. Combined with the KA7's built-in overclocking prowess, these files will let you tune your system's front-side bus speed in 1MHz steps right inside of Windows. I've tried it on the DamageBox, and it works. (Credit the cold, HardOCP for the link.)

Speaking of the KA7, the folks at ComputerNerd sent along a KA7-100 to replace the flaky EPoX board we'd been using. So I've had a KA7 and KA7-100 under the microscope here for quite a while, and a review is finally coming soon. Whatever problems I've had with the KA7, it's a damn sight better than that EPoX; we have violent plans for that thing.

Sadly, the gestation period on my reviews lately has been longer than that of some smaller mammals. We may have to induce.

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