I hope you guys enjoyed the Core Duo on the desktop article yesterday. That one took longer than I expected to put together, in part because of some technical snags with the test rig, and in part because I'm rarely able to face the true amount of work some of these things require, I think. Anyhow, it's done now and the results are fascinating.

Those of you who read our Pentium M 760 versus Turion 64 ML-44 article may want to note that for the Core Duo review, we tested three different Turion 64 varieties and the Pentium M 760 once again. This time, we've included performance and power consumption figures for both the Turion 64 ML-40, rated at 35W, and the lower power MT-40 model, rated at 25W. Performance is identical between these two 2.2GHz chips, but the MT-40 pulls about 10W less under load. Overall, that makes the Turion 64 very competitive with the Pentium M. It's practically a footnote now that the Core Duo is out, but it's an intriguing one, at least.

Anyhow, on a note of shameless self-promotion, I'd appreciate if you'd consider doing the digg thing for the Core Duo article, so it can find a larger audience.

On a similar front, you may have noticed that a handful of the larger hardware review sites have subtly changed their policies about linking to outside articles at TR or elsewhere recently, either by cutting down on those links or deemphasizing them. I won't pretend to understand their reasons, but I'm pleased to report that TR has been hitting all-time traffic records, regardless. Our goal has always been to be a key part of your daily surfing habits, and now that we have Cyril cranking all day on news in addition to our regular reviews, I think we're more of a one-stop PC enthusiast's resource than ever before. If you haven't yet, please consider bookmarking us and making TR a more regular part of your daily routine.

Also, if you want to be sure to catch our new articles when they are published, the most reliable way of doing so is to sign up for our mailing list. We won't bug you with every news story we publish—just big articles and a few major breaking news developments—and we won't sell or otherwise circulate your e-mail address outside of TR. It's just a quick notification when we publish something noteworthy. We also offer RSS feeds for news and articles, if that's your thing.

Update: Firefox Live Bookmarks for news and articles should now be available for addition from the site's front page.

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