AMD speaks out on 45nm, Conroe

AMDZone has posted an interesting interview with AMD public relations rep Damon Muzny. The interview covers a lot of ground, from AMD's 65nm and 45nm plans to Intel's new architecture, DDR3, and the upcoming dual-core Turion X2s. On new process technologies, Muzny stresses that AMD is "on track" for 45nm production by mid-2008, and that Fab 36 should be 50% converted to 65nm production by early next year. Muzny also discusses Intel's PR moves surrounding its upcoming Conroe chip and Core micro-architecture. According to him, "every time [Intel] stress future products they are simply admitting their current products aren't competitive so customers shouldn't buy them." He adds that the company's "claims of future architectural competitiveness largely assume AMD is standing still, and [it's] not." It's an interesting take on the situation, although early performance numbers do hint that AMD may not have anything to suitably compete against Conroe until some time in the first half of next year.
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