NVIDIA introduces new Quadro FX cards

Today, NVIDIA is introducing a complete refresh of its Quadro FX line of workstation graphics cards, with five brand new models priced from $169 to $999. NVIDIA says the move is in anticipation of OEM platform refreshes, which will accompany the release of Intel's upcoming Woodcrest processors and Greencreek chipsets. At the high end, NVIDIA is launching Quadro FX 3500 and FX 1500 graphics cards at $999 and $699, respectively. Both are based on the same 90nm G71 architecture that powers desktop GeForce 7900-series graphics cards, and will complement the current $1,899 G70-based Quadro FX 4500. The FX 3500 features SLI support, 256MB of GDDR3 RAM, stereo and dual dual-link DVI connectors, and is designed for high-end computer aided design, digital content creation, and scientific visualization markets. Meanwhile, the FX 1500 is aimed at the mid-range market, and sports 256MB of GDDR3 RAM, dual dual-link DVI, and an HDTV video output.

In addition to the new high-end and mid-range Quadros, NVIDIA is also introducing three new mainstream and low-end products. The Quadro FX 560 and FX 550 are launching at $269 and $199, respectively, and both have 128MB of GDDR3 and dual single-link DVI. They're also both based on NVIDIA's 90nm G73 design, which is currently featured in NVIDIA's GeForce 7600-series graphics cards. The FX 560 offers faster memory than the FX 550, as well as an HDTV output. Finally, a $169 Quadro FX 350 is joining the pack for the entry-level segment. Its graphics core is based on NVIDIA's G72 architecture, and cards have 128MB of GDDR3 RAM, and DVI and VGA connectors.

NVIDIA expects the new Quadro FX 3500, 1500, 560, and 550 to be available from OEMs as early as today, with the FX 350 only expected to appear in the retail channel.

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