Intel launches low-power Core Solos

Intel has made two new additions to its Core Solo line of mobile processors: the U1300 and U1400. Both chips are ultra low-voltage parts, and Reg Hardware says they're believed to have a thermal envelope of only 5.5W—that's a whole 21.5W less than the standard Core Solo and 9.5W less than the low-voltage Core Duo. The new chips run at 1.06GHz and 1.2GHz, respectively, and both feature 2MB of cache along with a 533MHz bus. Of course, they're based on the same 65nm Yonah core that powers the Core Duos, although they have one of the two CPU cores disabled. Respective volume prices are $225 and $245, and the new chips have already been announced in a new Gateway ultra-portable notebook.
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