AOpen 975X Core Duo desktop board tested

Chinese site HKEPC has put up a review (translation here) of AOpen's recently-released i975Xa-YDG Core Duo motherboard. Unlike the Asus N4L-VM DH we reviewed earlier this week, the AOpen board features an Intel 975X chipset and a pair of PCI Express x16 slots, allowing for some Yonah-powered CrossFire. The review stacks up a Core Duo T2600 on the i975Xa-YDG against an Athlon 64 X2 4400+ and a Pentium Extreme Edition 840 system, all with dual ATI Radeon X1900 XT graphics cards running in CrossFire mode. Interestingly, the AMD system with a DFI Radeon Xpress 200 board outdoes the Core Duo machine throughout most of the CrossFire tests, but the Core Duo still flat out beats the Pentium EE 840.

Aside from CrossFire testing, HKEPC also experiments with overclocking and manages to get the 2.16GHz Core Duo to an impressive 2.95GHz. That's with a 1.48V core voltage, however—a sizeable increase from the stock 1.1625V-1.3V range. Last month, we received word from Japan's AKIBA PC Hotline! about a demo system running a similar 2.16GHz Core Duo at 2.97GHz with a 1.36V voltage, so it looks like massive voltage increases may not always be required to hit those speeds. Users wishing to get some overclocked Core Duo CrossFire going can already purchase the i975Xa-YDG on Newegg, although they'll have to cough up a hefty $298 for the privilege.

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