Rolly polly!

It's time again to roll the poll, with our "Whaddaya call 'em? Slocket versus Slotket" poll coming down to a photo finish for second place. Well out in first place is the more elegant option, "Slocket", with 51% of the vote. Slocket beat up on the other viable option, "Slotket", which had to contend with the upstart, dark horse entry, "Herb." Herb fell behind for a while there, but came charging back to—amazingly—tie with Slotket. Each received a Gore-esque 24% of the vote.

It wasn't one of the choices in voting, but Rapean's suggestion that the socket-to-slot converters oughta be called "JUMPEE boards" deserves a mention. As he put it, "Not a good technical name but easy to say and remember."

For my next trick, I'm taking a request from this thread in the Forums for our next poll. Folks wanted to know how many readers had taken the Athlon plunge, so here's the question:

My main PC's processor is:
Pentium/Pentium MMX
Pentium Pro/Pentium II
Pentium III
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As always, you can reply to the poll just like any other Forum thread, so you Cyrix and PowerPC owners can voice your opinions, as well. All three of you.
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