Conroe overclocking info leaks out

HKEPC has some juicy information (in Chinese, translate here) regarding the overclocking potential of Intel's upcoming Conroe processor. According to "preliminary test data" provided by a Taiwanese vendor, a Conroe E6400 chip—which is said to run at 2.16GHz with 4MB of cache and a 1,066MHz front-side bus—was overclocked to an impressive 3.11GHz with a 1,555MHz FSB. The vendor didn't seem to mention whether the system was stable or what voltage was used, but HKEPC says the result was obtained with air cooling. The system is also said to have completed a 1MB SuperPI run in just 16 seconds, which would hint towards at least some stability, although that time does seem awfully low, even for a massively overclocked Conroe chip. Seeing as we've already had two reports of Intel's current 65nm Core Duo jumping from 2.16GHz to nearly 3GHz, Conroe going from 2.16GHz to 3.11GHz doesn't seem all that far-fetched.
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