Xbox 360 CPU shrinks to 65nm

Chartered Semiconductor has announced that it has entered an agreement with Microsoft to produce 65nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) processors for the Xbox 360 console. Production will begin within the first three months of 2007, phasing out the current 90nm SOI chip. The Xbox 360's CPU, dubbed Xenon, is designed by IBM and features three 3.2GHz symmetrical PowerPC cores, as well as a shared 1MB cache. The move to 65nm should guarantee both lower power consumption and reduced production costs, assuming yields are what they should be. Interestingly, production for the 65nm Xenon will take place at Chartered's Fab 7, which is also set to begin producing 65nm processors for AMD as early as this June. It looks like Chartered has fingers in many pies, and it'll be interesting to see how it handles demand from both AMD and Microsoft for 65nm chips. Thanks to Joystiq for the link.
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