PCstats looks at how computers die

PCstats has an amusing article up about the most common ways to kill a PC. According to PCstats, the top PC killers are power problems, bad hardware, user error, and cooling issues. The article relates some painful incidents and anecdotes some users may be all too familiar with, including system-frying lightning strikes, and an accursed USB key drive that inexplicably "melted" and caused the untimely death of the machine to which it was connected.

The "moving violation" section in particular is reminiscent of something that happened to my own system not too long ago: an ill-mounted video card heatsink came loose during transport, chipping the edges of the GPU and causing some fun display corruption when the machine was turned on. PCstats cites the example of a memory stick also coming loose, shorting the motherboard and causing its early demise.

Users are also warned of cheap power supplies, as PCstats stresses the importance of a quality PSU hooked up to a surge protector or UPS in order to avoid any tragedies after power cuts and brownouts. A cringe-inducing read, but an informative one nonetheless.

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