Intel to introduce business platform next week

CNet's reports that Intel is expected to introduce its "Averill" business platform brand on Monday. Averill will reportedly complement Intel's Centrino and Viiv platform brands, and has been rumored to come in two flavors: an alleged Averill "Pro", featuring a Conroe processor and Q965 chipset, and an Averill "Fundamental" with a more modest Pentium D and Q963 chipset. Intel's Pat Gesinger also told CNet about new remote hardware troubleshooting and support features, which are said to be on the table for the Averill launch. CNet quotes Intel CEO Paul Otellini himself as saying "the upcoming brand associated with the business desktop we'll talk about on Monday." Previous information suggests Averill PCs won't actually ship until the third quarter, though, so this may be just a branding announcement.
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