• OLDblivion software enables pre-DirectX 9 video cards to run The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Super Site for Windows has Windows Vista build 5365 screenshot gallery
  • Phoronix covers the BoxHeads LAN - April 2006
  • Strategy Informer has Battlefield 2 NAW Map Pack 2, Battlefield 1942 mod: Silent Heroes,
    and Legendary Legions full game
  • TechArray on Intel vs. AMD: which one is better?
  • Virtual-Hideout's VIZO prize package giveaway
  • VR-Zone's DFI LANParty UT CFX3200-DR review + BIOS guide
  • Technic3D reviews Gainward GeForce 7900 GTX (in German)
  • Windows A to Z looks at 1TB Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition
  • Futurelooks reviews NeoDigits NeuNeo HVD2085 HD upscaling DVD player
  • LAN Addict reviews BlueTake iPhono Plus Bluetooth stereo headset
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