Mushkin to jump into PSU market

LegitReviews says it has received word from Mushkin that the memory manufacturer is "weeks away" from introducing its own line of power supplies. Some of the PSUs will apparently be sold under the same Enhanced brand as Mushkin's mainstream memory modules, and will include a 650W offering. This XP-650 is said to feature four +12V rails capable of 44A (528W) of combined output, as well as a RailFusion system that reportedly "responds to increased loads by automatically combining the 12V rails." Mushkin is also said to tout a VersaPlug modular cabling system as well as two PCI Express video card power connectors, making the PSU ripe for multi-GPU systems. LegitReviews says the company will ship the XP-650 along with 550W, 800W, and 1000W models once it receives ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI certification. Mushkin will be following in the footsteps of OCZ, who in 2004 also began to offer high-end power supplies in addition to its memory products.
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