OCZ enters stock exchange, launches SD cards

The Inquirer is reporting that OCZ has gone public, and is now listed in the Alternative Investments Market, one of the two sub-markets of the London Stock Exchange. According to a British financial site, the AIM is popular with both foreign companies and investors due to its cheaper listing requirements and advantageous taxation status, respectively. OCZ isn't yet up on the AIM website, but The Inquirer says "high-ranking company sources" have confirmed that the company sold its Initial Public Offering to investors yesterday.

In related news, OCZ is also announcing the launch of its first Secure Digital flash memory cards. The cards are intended for use in digital cameras and other handheld devices, and will be available in six different flavors with capacities of 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB, and speed grades of 60X (8.8MB/s) and 133X (19.5MB/s). The cards will all be covered by a lifetime warranty. OCZ will be joining a number of competitors like Corsair and Kingston who also offer SD cards, albeit with more choice of speed grades and capacities: Corsair, for instance, offers SD cards from 128MB to 4GB with 40X (5.9MB/s), 60X, and 133X speeds.

Update: We're hearing from other sources that The Inquirer report was incorrect about the status of OCZ's IPO. The IPO is planned for very soon, but it is not yet a done deal. That probably explains why the stock isn't yet listed on the AIM website.

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