ATI preparing X1900 GT release, X1800 GTO cut?

PC INpact is claiming to have the scoop (in French, translate here) on ATI's oft-discussed Radeon X1900 GT graphics card. Reportedly, the card will launch on May 9 at a €349 price point (likely $349), and will feature 36 pixel shader processors, 8 vertex units, and respective core and memory clock speeds of 575MHz and 1.2GHz. While X-bit Labs claimed the card would be an OEM-only part that would not have a significant presence in the retail market, PC INpact says the opposite. According to this new report, the X1900 GT will be introduced in the retail market "like all respectable novelties," with ATI's partners allegedly displaying confidence about the product. This explanation only makes the X1900 GTO rumors more confusing, however, because that card is said to be scheduled for a launch in the same price range this fall, albeit with a new RV570 core.

In related news, Elite Bastards reports ATI is planning to drop the price of its Radeon X1800 GTO graphics card from $249 to $199, perhaps foreshadowing the X1900 GT's release. This move will move the X1800 GTO into the same price range as NVIDIA's GeForce 7600 GT, which makes sense considering the two cards perform quite similarly to one another. Of course, users shopping around can already grab the X1800 GTO below the $200 price point: Newegg and Monarch are offering $60 mail-in rebates on the Connect3D version of the card, dropping it to less than $180. Newegg also has a GeCube card for $209 with a $30 mail-in rebate, lowering it to $179.

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