Seagate announces Barracuda 7200.10 series

Seagate has officially announced its new Barracuda 7200.10 hard drive line, including a 750GB model—the largest on the market. The new drives, which appeared on the company's site last week, are also the first commercially-available 3.5" desktop hard drives to use perpendicular recording technology. Seagate has now made public some new information about the 7200.10s, including their cache sizes and platter density. The 750GB, 500GB, 400GB, and 320GB models all have 16MB of cache, with the 250GB available in either 8MB or 16MB variants, and the 200GB only shipping with 8MB. The drives' platter size has also been revealed to be 188GB/platter across the entire line. However, 188GB/platter is somewhat less impressive considering Seagate's 80GB and 160GB Barracuda 7200.9 drives already use 160GB platters. The 200GB, 250GB, and 400GB 7200.10s also retain the same number of platters as their 7200.9 counterparts, leaving only the 320GB and 500GB models with one less platter as the previous generation.

Besides increasing the 7200.10's areal density, Seagate seems to have improved the drive's acoustics. The company claims 27dB idle and 30dB seek noise levels for the top-end 750GB 7200.10, compared to 28dB and 32dB for the 500GB 7200.9, which has the same number of platters. Noise levels for the rest of the line aren't entirely clear, though, with alternating claims of 25dB and 27dB idle noise levels for 400GB and smaller models. Nonetheless, Seagate says the drives are "now shipping to the worldwide distribution channel," and that they all sport a five-year warranty. Two resellers are already listing 750GB 7200.10s for between $497 and $540, but other capacities don't appear to be available online just yet.

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