OCZ launches GameXStream power supplies

OCZ has announced a new line of SLI-ready power supplies aimed at the high-end gamer market. The PSUs are dubbed GameXStream and come in 600W and 700W denominations, OCZ's highest to date. They use a single 120 mm fan for cooling and feature active power factor correction. OCZ justifies the GameXStreams' high capacities by talking about the increasing power demands of multi-GPU systems. Given that retail Quad SLI cards are said to be due out in a month with an aggregate 286W of power draw for all four GPUs, a 700W PSU suddenly seems quite reasonable.

Along with bumping up power ratings from the SLI-ready PowerStream line, the new GameXStreams also split +12V power into four rails, rated for up to 15A, 15A, 15A, and 12A of current output. This fact makes comparisons between the 600W PowerStream and 600W GameXStream difficult, since the former has just two +12V rails, and OCZ doesn't supply aggregate numbers for overall +12V output. The GameXStream is a little bit thinner on the features and service front, though: its warranty is three years instead of five, and it offers neither modular cabling nor adjustable power rails.

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