Intel announces restructuring plans

In the wake of less than impressive first quarter results that follow months of shrinking revenue, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced that the company would undergo structural changes to rejuvenate itself. Otellini said the overhaul is set to impact every part of the company was underway, and that non-performing businesses will be "looked at." Intel's Executive VP and CFO Andy Bryant added that the company was making a "detailed review" of its business units, aiming to "make the company more efficient." EE Times points to Intel's NOR flash unit, which caused the company to lose $108 million last quarter, as a possible candidate for cuts.

In addition to announcing restructuring plans, Intel also highlighted the third-quarter release schedule for new Core-based "Woodcrest" server chips. Referring to the server market share Intel has recently lost to AMD, Intel Senior VP Anand Chandrasekher said "I think we'll get the share back." Intel's upcoming Core-based Conroe and Merom desktop and mobile chips are also expected to ship this summer.

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