First Core-based chips coming late June?

French site X86-secret claims to have the scoop (translation here) on the launch dates for Intel's upcoming Core-based desktop and workstation processors. According to Russian sources quoted by the site, Intel will launch the Woodcrest server chip first on June 26. The Conroe desktop part is allegedly scheduled to follow in the first week of July, although the site claims that could be pushed back a couple of weeks if stocks are insufficient. Intel is reportedly expected to ship samples of the high-end "Extreme Edition" Conroe model to the press shortly before the launch, as well. This chip will be Intel's new desktop flagship, and is expected (translate here) to be clocked between 3.0 and 3.33GHz with a 1333MHz FSB.

While Conroe and Woodcrest are expected this summer, the release date for Core's Merom notebook flavor remains unknown. X86-secret says an alleged August launch cited by The Inquirer is unconfirmed by its sources, as the release is said to hinge on whether Intel decides to wait for its upcoming 965PM "Crestline" chipset, or whether it ships Merom with the same Napa platform as current Core Duo processors.

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