IBM eyes Opteron line expansion

IBM appears to be contemplating expanding its AMD Opteron-based server line. In an interview with CNET's, IBM Systems and Technology Group Senior VP Bill Zeitler states that "there's no question HP and Sun have benefited by having a broader Opteron portfolio than we've had." He adds, "[t]here are a whole bunch of business considerations that would say we would have done better had we had a four-(processor) Opteron product." HP and Sun have seven and five Opteron-based servers, respectively, and the machines feature up to four dual-core Opteron 8xx processors. Meanwhile, IBM only has two Opteron-based offerings, and they're only available with one or two 2xx-series Opteron CPUs. This sparse lineup is in-line with the view expressed by IBM xSeries General Manager Susan Whitney in January, who in reference to mainstream Opteron servers said: "I have not had customers come to me asking for that." In contrast, Zeitler now says Opteron servers "simply bring in more money," and that "you have to do what the market wants you to do."
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