AMD to replace buggy Opterons

AMD has officially acknowledged the existence of a number of buggy Opterons produced between late 2005 and early 2006. As reported, the bug affects single-core 2.6GHz Opteron x52 and 2.8GHz Opteron x54 chips, and is exhibited only in tests that combine "high processor temperature, high outside temperature, and a large number of floating-point mathematical computations." AMD says this is the result of a testing problem and not a manufacturing one, as the chips work fine when running at lower clock speeds. To prevent the bug from re-appearing in the wild, the company has added a new screening test to its fabs that will test for this specific problem. The company has also issued a recall in order to allow companies or individuals with affected chips to have them replaced for free. While AMD stresses that the problem has not been seen occurring in production environments, an AMD spokesman told eWEEK: "[w]e are treating it like a big deal. We have fought hard to establish credibility in the enterprise ... so we're taking a very aggressive approach in addressing this."
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