Is AMD planning Socket 939, 754 price cuts?

DailyTech has some pricing information that suggests AMD plans to cut single-core Athlon 64 and Sempron processor prices on May 15, just a week before the expected launch of Socket AM2. Allegedly, the Athlon 64 3500+ and 3200+ will go down from their current $208 and $154 prices to $185 and $135, respectively. Meanwhile, Socket 754 Sempron 3400+, 3300+, 3100+, 3000+, and 2800+ chips will reportedly go down to $95, $91, $81, $76, and $65. These Sempron prices are right in line with the site's expected pricing for Socket AM2 Semprons, so the drop would make sense on that front. If the other prices are correct, however, there could be a gap between single-core Athlon 64 chips on Socket 939 and Socket AM2. There is no word yet on whether AMD is planning any price cuts for the rest of the Socket 939 line.
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