90% of Intel mobile chips to be dual-core by 2007

Less than four months after the launch of the Core Duo, Reg Hardware says Intel expects to ship more dual-core than single-core mobile chips this quarter. This figure is expected climb to a 9:1 dual-core to single-core ratio by the end of the year, leaving only 10% of new Intel-based notebooks with single-core chips. Intel is said to base these expectations partly on the accelerated release schedule for Core-based chips, which currently has Merom mobile processors shipping by August. Interestingly, the expected June and July launch dates for server/workstation Woodcrest and desktop Conroe processors may not have as big an impact, as the company only expects 75% of its desktop and workstation/server chip production to be dual-core by the end of the year. That's also despite the fact that Intel shipped its first dual-core Pentium D desktop chips nearly a year ago, a whole eight months before the Core Duo.
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