Via, instability: same breath yet again

This tidbit at Ace's Hardware describes yet more problems with Via-based motherboards. This time around, it's the new Socket A boards based on the Via KT133 chipset. Get a load of this:
Thanks to Steve at ASUS for sending word our way that a number of KT133-based Socket-A motherboards force 100 MHz (PC100) memory operation regardless of whether or not they are configured to run at 133 MHz (PC133). He also claims that there are a couple of motherboards which will run at a genuine 133 MHz memory frequency, but are often unstable.
Imagine that! ;)

Oddly, Asus seems to be flaunting the fact that other mobo manufacturers are having trouble implementing Via-based boards. Thing is, news like this makes me want to stay away from KT133-based boards altogether. But it does raise some interesting questions about the amount of help Via is giving to its customers, how that help compares to what Intel offers, and the like. Do only the Big Guys like Asus have the expertise and resources to make a Via board work? If so, whose fault is that?

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