Radeon X1900 GT already up for sale

Despite the rumored May 9 release date, French site PC INpact has already spotted two retailers selling ATI's Radeon X1900 GT (translate here). Indeed, an ATI-made flavor of the card is listed on Dell and AxionTech, and we were also able to find a X1900 GT selling at Directron. Prices vary from $370 to 379, with availability marked as 1-2 weeks, 24 hours, and "first week of May" for Dell, AxionTech, and Directron, respectively. The Inquirer also reports that one of its readers has already purchased an X1900 GT at Best Buy, although it isn't specified how much the card cost. While it's good to see a new ATI product showing up so promptly, even the lowest current price, $370, is rather high considering the X1900 GT is supposedly designed to compete against NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT. Since the 7900 GT currently sells for as low as $299, the new Radeon's prices will need to drop if ATI hopes to set the two cards against each other.
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