NVIDIA offers free Gelato to budding 3D artists

NVIDIA has released version 2.0 of Gelato, its professional GPU-accelerated final-frame 3D renderer. The new release is available in two versions: Gelato Pro 2.0, which costs $1,500 per rendering node, and Gelato 2.0, a free version aimed at freelancers, students, and small studios. According to Gelato chief architect Larry Gritz, both versions of the software include "advanced rendering features such as high-quality anti-aliasing, smooth motion blur, raytracing, global illumination and the inclusion of plug-ins for Autodesk's Maya and 3ds Max software." However, the free version lacks NVIDIA's Sorbetto interactive relighting system and DSO shadeops, as well as multithreading, network rendering, and native 64-bit support. NVIDIA also offers a year of "comprehensive service and support" with each Gelato Pro 2.0 license, a feature users of the free version will have to do without. More information about Gelato 2.0 is available on NVIDIA's Gelato product page, and the free version of the software can be downloaded here for both Windows XP and several Linux distributions.
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