Samsung Q1 UMPC launched, reviewed

Samsung has officially launched its Q1 Ultra-Mobile PC in the United States. The device is scheduled to appear in Best Buy and "other retail outlets" for $1,099 on May 7. This price is somewhat lower than British and Korean prices, which are $1,399 and $1,251 respectively, but still $100 higher than the $599-999 price range announced at the UMPC launch in March. PC Mag has a short review of the device, which weighs just 1.7lbs and features a 7" 800x480 display, a Celeron M 353 ULV processor running at 900MHz, 512MB of RAM, and a 40GB hard drive. While complimenting the Q1's cool operation, sharp display, and good speakers, PC Mag expresses disappointment over the device's paltry three-hour battery life. Since the Q1 also lacks a built-in GPS system and WAN connectivity, limiting network options to Ethernet and 802.11a/g, PC Mag says "[a]t this point, you might as well get a laptop." The review closes in saying that, for the Q1's $1,099, users will be "better off with a more capable–and keyboard-equipped–convertible tablet."
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