Will Vista be delayed again?

The Gartner research group is claiming that Microsoft is likely to delay Windows Vista from its announced January 2007 release date to some time between April and June 2007. Gartner supports the claim by pointing to the "magnitude of technological improvement" in the new OS, which is allegedly closer to that of the jump to Windows 2000 than to Windows XP. Since Windows 2000 took 16 months to hit retail from Beta 2 and XP took five, Gartner predicts that Vista—which is scheduled to enter Beta 2 within the next couple of months—will sit somewhere between the two. The logical middle ground would be around 10 months, but Gartner claims Vista could take up to 12 months from its second beta release until production starts. The OS is then expected to take "between six- to eight-weeks" to appear on new PCs. Naturally, Microsoft refused to give the report any credence, saying the company was "still on track to meet its launch dates." Before the official January launch, Microsoft is also scheduled to ship a volume license version of Vista to corporate consumers in November—just five to six months after Beta 2. Thanks to TR reader Thomas for the tip.
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