Videos show PhysX in new Ghost Recon game

PC Perspective has some high-resolution gameplay footage of Ageia's PhysX physics accelerator running in what may be the first major game to support it, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Videos compare normal and PhysX-enabled gameplay, and the 1024x768 video resolution gives a pretty good idea of what's going on. Sadly, PhysX appears to offer little beyond extra debris and rubble in this early showing. PC Perspective says there is "no doubt that in our videos we see a much more complex system of physics at work . . . but [is it] $250 more impressive? Probably not."

In addition to covering Ghost Recon, PC Perspective also has a high-res gameplay video of Cell Factor, which appears to make significantly better use of the PhysX chip. Cell Factor shows much more impressive effects with large amounts of crates, pipes, and barrels flying around, as well as dynamic cloth, explosions destroying objects, and dynamic liquids. That's to be expected, as according to the Cell Factor web site, it's a "demo developed by Artificial Studios and Immersion Games to show the power of Ageia's PhysX chipset." The Cell Factor demo requires a PhysX card, as well, whereas Ghost Recon does not. "This puts developers in a bind," PC Perspective adds. "Do they create a unique title like this and require a PhysX card to play it, thus cutting out nearly all of their market initially, or do they stick to 'effects physics' like we see in GRAW that don't push the envelope?"

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