Reports claim Turion 64 X2 delayed until June

Taiwanese notebook manufacturers have told DigiTimes that AMD rescheduled the launch of its dual-core Turion 64 X2 mobile processor from May 9 to some time in June. Allegedly, the postponement is due to low notebook demand sparked by the also-delayed launch of Windows Vista, which isn't expected until January 2007 (and perhaps even later). DailyTech is echoing the DigiTimes report by claiming major notebook manufacturers have received an AMD memo informing them of the change in schedule. DailyTech's sources didn't justify the delay, though, only mentioning "extremely low" demand for Turion-based notebooks. If true, these reports would mean that AMD will end up somewhat mimicking Intel's launch schedule for new desktop and mobile chips. Indeed, Intel's Conroe and Merom are expected in July and August, respectively, while AMD's Socket AM2 desktop chips and Socket S1 Turion 64 X2s are now said to be due out in May and June.
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