ATI partners up with Nokia

ATI and Nokia have announced a long-term partnership that aims to bring improved multimedia capabilities to Nokia phones and to speed up content production. The two companies plan to work together to implement open standards and to provide integrated tools and hardware to content developers. The goal is to simplify and accelerate the development process by allowing content to be developed once and to work across multiple devices. Nokia Multimedia Experiences Senior VP Ilkka Raiskinen says the partnership is being announced now in order to give developers the next 12 to 18 months to create "world class mobile multimedia experiences." ATI's VP and GM of Handheld Products Paul Dal Santo, meanwhile, says ATI will "jointly guide and support" content developers into harnessing the new and improved technologies. ATI will provide an SDK to developers this Fall, and the two companies will also host developer workshops in the second half of the year.

This move follows ATI's purchase of Finnish mobile graphics company Bitboys two days ago. ATI announced the Bitboys team would "form the nucleus for a key design centre for ATI in Europe." Bitboys has its HQ and offices in Finnish cities Noormakku and Espoo, respectively, while Nokia is also headquartered in Espoo.

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