Asus fixes Core Duo mobo's AHCI problem

In our recent article about the Core Duo on the desktop, we pointed out a problem with the Asus N4L-VM DH motherboard. The board wouldn't work properly with the AHCI feature set enabled on its SATA controller; CPU utilization would hover at about 40% constantly, even when the system was completely idle. Asus has since provided us with an updated BIOS for the N4L-VM DH, and we have confirmed that the problem is resolved. Now this board can work properly with full SATA goodness, including hot-plug support and Native Command Queuing.

The other problem we encountered with the board was a tendency not to make it through a warm reboot about half of the time. The system would just sit there, refusing to POST, as the display went into power-save mode. Unfortunately, the updated BIOS doesn't seem to change this behavior. Hopefully, Asus will have another fix for us soon.

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