Conroe, Merom dubbed Core 2 Duo

Intel has finally revealed the naming scheme for its upcoming Conroe and Merom chips based on the new Core microarchitecture. The two chip lines will both be branded Core 2 Duo, with a Core 2 Extreme model also expected to join the pack as Intel's top-end desktop chip.

Model numbers are said to follow the same pattern introduced with the current Core Duo, with one letter denoting power consumption and four extra digits representing processor denomination and performance grade. According to, Core 2 Duos will bear either a preceding E for 55-75W power consumption or T for 25-55W. Desktop Core 2 Duos will follow with a 4xxx or 6xxx number, while mobile Core 2 Duos will sport 5xxx or 7xxx numbers.

Oddly, there is no word about a hypothetical "Core 2 Solo" line to succeed current Core Solo mobile processors, but budget single-core Conroes would certainly make a suitable successor to the Celeron.

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