Cell Factor demo available for download

Following somewhat disappointing early showings of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter running with Ageia's PhysX physics accelerator, Ageia has put up a free download of Cell Factor: Combat Training on its website. Cell Factor is actually a demo made by Artificial Studios and Immersion Games expressly for Ageia, and it therefore offers a greater depth of physics interaction than the first PhysX-enabled games. Cell Factor's physics-heavy gameplay includes large amounts of object collisions, destructible objects and cloth, and fluids. Unfortunately, the demo won't work without hardware acceleration via a PhysX card, though, so right now only owners of high-end PhysX-equipped PCs from companies like Alienware and Voodoo PC will be able to play it. Still, Cell Factor may help make PhysX cards somewhat more appealing once they hit shelves, especially since it offers multiplayer functionality and customizable bots. Thanks to Blue's News for the tip.
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