Consumers sue ATI over HDCP support

The Inquirer reports that a number of consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against ATI over the company's claims of support for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection support in its video cards. Allegedly, ATI has claimed HDCP support since "at least 2003," but "if video cards or monitors aren't designed to the right specifications, the 'new content protection scheme will not allow high definition audiovisual content to be clearly transmitted'."
ATI, it's alleged, said many of its graphics card are sold as HDCP ready, or HDCP compliant. "These representations were false and the cards cannot transmit content pursuant to the HDCP specification. ATI has begun to revise its website marketing materials to delete reference to video cards being HDCP ready or compliant," the filing claims.
The crux of the issue seems to be the lack of HDCP support at the board level on many ATI graphics cards, effectively prohibiting HDCP content output despite GPU-level support from ATI. The Inquirer says the litigants have requested a jury trial, but it isn't known what kind of reparations they seek from ATI.
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