Wii stays on 24/7, sports quick load times

Nintendo has revealed some additional tidbits about its upcoming Wii console at an E3 conference today. According to reports by IGN and Joystiq, Nintendo says the console will be on all the time, and that it will cut load times to the point of being "almost as fast as the television or telephone." More interestingly, the console is said to interact with Nintendo servers via a so-called Wii Connect 24 service "even when it seems like it's turned off." The console will supposedly use the same amount of power as a "miniature light bulb" when in standby mode, which could mean 40 W or less depending on Nintendo's definition of "miniature." Either way, this low power consumption may be a result of the Wii's reported specifications, which include a 729 MHz IBM processor, 243 MHz ATI graphics processor, and just 91 MB of total memory.
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