Ageia adds six PhysX partners

Following the launch of the first retail PhysX cards yesterday, Ageia is now announcing support for its physics accelerators from no less than six new studios and publishers. Three of those companies are touting support in announced titles. This includes Ukrainian developer Crazy House, which will support PhysX in its upcoming WW2 tank simulation game Tank Killer in order to allow "awe-inspiring explosions" and "totally destructible vehicles and environments." HD Publishing will support PhysX in "all future game titles," as well, including the upcoming PC version of the real-time strategy game Joint Task Force in which the company promises similarly destructible environments and "military vehicles that are modeled down to the last rivet." Kuju Entertainment will also support PhysX in its upcoming Rail Simulator train simulation game, although there is no word on what effects the physics accelerators will enable.

Along with Crazy House, HD Publishing, and Kuju Entertainment, three other companies—GFI, Illusion Softworks, and NetDevil—have pledged to support PhysX in "upcoming game titles." It's unclear what those game titles will be, however. Nonetheless, the six companies will be joining the long list of developers and publishers that have announced support for PhysX accelerators. This list already includes the likes of Epic Games, Microsoft, and Take Two.

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