AMD's Henri Richard discusses Intel, Google, Dell

The Register has scored an interview with Henri Richard, AMD's Executive VP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. As usual, Richard tries to spin Intel's performance claims surrounding upcoming Core-based processors, pointing out Intel's immediate lack of a HyperTransport-like implementation to ease scalability to quad-core chip designs. He also questions Intel's ability to ship Core-based chips in large quantities, pointing to Intel's alleged expectation of only having 20% of total processor shipments being Core-based by the end of the year.

Aside from talking down Core, Richard provides some interesting insights on AMD's customers. He refuses to confirm or deny a possible relationship with Google, but adds "if they [Google] were our customer, they obviously would be very big," and "we have a lot of embedded customers around the world that don't want us to disclose the nature of their relationship." He also says it would be a "realistic expectation" to say HP is AMD's largest customer. Regarding Dell, Richard says the company is now technically an AMD customer since the Alienware purchase, and that AMD enjoys a "very large share with Alienware." He claims a more direct relationship with Dell is also likely, since both AMD and Dell seek to expand.

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