NVIDIA preparing GeForce 7300 GT?

NVIDIA is readying a low-end GeForce 7300 GT graphics card for a May 15 release according to reports at DailyTech and French site PC INpact (translate here). The card will allegedly be based on the same G73 GPU as the GeForce 7600 GS and 7600 GT, but reduce the number of pixel shader processors from 12 to eight, and the number of vertex units from five to four. DailyTech says the card will run at a core clock of 350 MHz, and PC INpact adds that its memory will run at 333 MHz, or an effective 667 MHz. In contrast, the 7600 GS sports 400 MHz core and 800 MHz effective memory speeds, while the pricier 7600 GT is clocked at 560 MHz core and 1.4 GHz memory. No definite price point is known for the 7300 GT, but PC INpact says it should launch around €100/$100. This pricing would make sense, as the current 7300 GS retails between $60 and $80, while the 7600 GS is available for between $115 and $160.
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