Intel to cut Core Duo prices on May 28?

— 11:28 AM on May 17, 2006

HKEPC says it has heard (in Chinese, translate here) that Intel plans to slash Core Duo prices on May 28. According to a Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, the dual-core mobile chips will drop one notch in price, with the 2.16 GHz T2600 diving from $637 to $423, the 2.0 GHz T2500 going from $423 to $294, and the 1.83 GHz T2400 dropping from $294 to $241. Meanwhile, HKEPC says the $241 1.66 GHz T2300 will be replaced by a $209 T2300E, which will have the same specifications but lack support for Intel's Virtualization Technology. Still at $209, Intel allegedly plans to scrap its single-core 1.66 GHz Core Solo T1300 and replace it with a faster 1.83 GHz T1400 model.

If genuine, these price cuts will leave room for the expected June release of Intel's Core Duo T2700, which is said to feature a 2.33 GHz clock speed and launch at $637. Of course, these cuts could also help Intel counteract the release of AMD's Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile chips, which just launched at lower price points than Intel's Core Duos.

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