news intel to cut core duo prices on may 28

Intel to cut Core Duo prices on May 28?

HKEPC says it has
(in Chinese, translate here) that Intel plans to slash Core
Duo prices on May 28. According to a Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, the dual-core mobile chips will drop one
notch in price, with the 2.16 GHz T2600 diving from $637 to $423, the
2.0 GHz T2500 going from $423 to $294, and the 1.83 GHz T2400 dropping
from $294 to $241. Meanwhile, HKEPC says the $241 1.66 GHz T2300 will be
replaced by a $209 T2300E, which will have the same specifications but lack
support for Intel’s Virtualization Technology. Still at $209, Intel
allegedly plans to scrap its single-core 1.66 GHz Core Solo T1300 and
replace it with a faster 1.83 GHz T1400 model.

If genuine, these price cuts will leave room for the expected June
release of Intel’s Core Duo T2700, which is said to feature a 2.33 GHz
clock speed and launch at $637. Of course, these cuts could also help Intel
counteract the release of AMD’s Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile chips,
which just launched at lower price points than Intel’s Core Duos.