Rev. F Opterons coming in July?

The Inquirer reports that AMD's first Opterons based on the new Rev. F core are due out on July 11. Rev. F will bring support for DDR2 memory up to 800 MHz as well as Socket F, a new 1,207-pin land grid array similar to Intel's LGA775. The new chips will also introduce "Pacifica" virtualization, AMD's answer to Intel's Virtualization Technology, and "Presidio" security features, likely a stab at Intel's LaGrande. Little else is known about Socket F Opterons, although previous reports have claimed the new line will forgo single-core chips entirely, and AMD that is expected to label the chips with four-digit model numbers. Instead of current 1xx, 2xx, and 8xx model numbers, Rev F. Opterons will allegedly be labeled 12xx, 22xx, and 82xx.

Despite the new additions, a July 11 launch date would be somewhat distant considering that Intel's new Core-based Xeon processors are due out as early as June 19. AMD's own Rev. F Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64, and Sempron desktop processors are also expected on May 23, and Rev. F Turion 64 X2s launched today.

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