Woodcrest to have 65 W TDP?

The Inquirer has an interesting update on Intel's upcoming Core-based Xeon processors, code-named Woodcrest. The story claims recent steppings of Woodcrest have turned out better than previously expected, and this development has allowed Intel to pull Woodcrest's release date forward to June 19. These new steppings are said to sport higher clock speeds with lower power consumption than anticipated, and the company has therefore dropped the thermal design power (TDP) value for the upcoming chips from 80 W to 65 W. This value is in line with the expected TDP for desktop Conroe processors, which will reportedly be rated for 65 W when they ship under the Core 2 Duo brand in July.

HKEPC also reported on Tuesday that Intel would introduce a low-voltage Woodcrest variant with a 2.33 GHz clock speed and a 40 W TDP. In contrast, AMD's current dual-core Opterons and their low-voltage "HE" variants are rated for up to 110 W and 55 W, respectively. AMD does measure power consumption differently from Intel, so these values may not be directly comparable. Nonetheless, a standard 65 W TDP for Woodcrest could make heads turn in the server market, where power consumption is an increasing concern.

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