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AMD finally gets a crack at corporate desktops

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It took more than a year of solid success from the AMD Athlon line, but finally a major PC maker is putting an AMD processor into its corporate desktop PC lineup, as the ever-independent Micron takes the plunge. You’ve gotta love the “analyst bite” in CNET’s story:

The Micron announcement is a significant step in AMD’s effort to win acceptance in the corporate arena. It has been moving in that direction for some time, said Roger Kay, an analyst with market researcher IDC.

“It’s time for this to happen,” Kay said. “There’s no particular reason AMD hasn’t taken off in the corporate market. The insistence on Intel Inside is irrational, it seems to me.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I think once PC makers start making Athlon systems available, companies will start buying them. Maybe not huge, monolithic, buttoned-down corporations with IT departments run by manager-politicians, but small to medium-sized businesses will buy ’em. And they will save money in the process.

Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief

Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief

Scott Wasson is a veteran in the tech industry and the former Editor-in-Chief at Tech Report. With a laser focus on tech product reviews, Wasson's expertise shines in evaluating CPUs and graphics cards, and much more.