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AnandTech’s K6-2 & K6-3 upgrade guide

Ronald Hanaki
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This is sure to bring back some memories. For most of us who are not fortunate enough to upgrade our hot rod systems every month, AnandTech has posted an AMD K6-2 and K6-3 upgrade guide. They ask the existential questions and take an almost Zen-like approach:

Many of us choose to approach our computers in the same way we approach our cars, replacing parts rather than the whole. The problem is that in the case of computers there is no part analogous to tires. Almost every piece of an aging computer can contribute to its lackluster speed. Should you replace the processor or the video card? Does one choose to spend money on additional memory or on a faster hard drive? These are just a few questions those out there with a limited budget and an aging computer are facing. For an upgrader on a budget, it is often difficult to choose which single upgrade path to take.

My goodness, this should help at least one reader out there. Your upgrade options are looked at from different perspectives, and they wouldn’t be AnandTech unless they included the requisite benchmarks to support their points. Today we speak of Athlons and DDR memory, but it is poignant to be reminded of just how far we have come in the last two years. Nirvana can be just a click away…