Apple Rolls Out iOS 16.4 – The 4th Major Update to iOS 16

Apple Rolls Out iOS 16.4 - The 4th Major Update to iOS 16

Apple launched its fourth major update to iOS 16, initially rolled out in September 2022. The newly released iOS 16.4 features updates that add security keys for Apple ID. iOS 16.4 sports an array of fresh features, including voice isolation for calls, website push notifications, an expanded emoji library, and so on.

Users can download iOS 16.4 and iPad OS 16.4 over the air by navigating to the settings menu of their devices.

From settings, they will have to go to general and then click on software update. However, the update has been made available to eligible iPhones and iPads. Users who have older devices can refer to iOS 15.7.4 for updated security improvements.

There’s a brand new home kit architecture followed by a number of small yet noteworthy tweaks.

The newly added emoji characters of iOS 16.4 include blackbird, jellyfish, goose, moose, pink, blue, gray heart, shaking head, wing, etc. Furthermore, there are Safari web notifications for websites that users add to the home screen. The updated voice isolation feature is designed to make cellular phone calls clearer.

To use this feature, users must visit their device’s control center when they are on call, tap on mic mode and activate voice isolation from the dropdown. Furthermore, the new updates have brought back Apple’s book page-turning animation and updates into podcasts.

More About the New Emojis

The iOS 16.4 developer beta unveiled the first look at the said sets of emoji, crediting Emojipedia. While these latest emojis were revealed during their draft phase in 2022, they have adapted a few new changes during their launch this year. The shaking head has turned angled, and there are a few more tweaks.

The library contains two new pushing hand gestures for the right and left hand, which users can use together for a high five or alone as a stop.

Another interesting addition is the shaking face emoji that the users can leverage to express “I’m shaken” by texters. The animations, on the other hand, may be used in metaphorical ways.

Besides these most talked about emojis, there are a few new categories like objects, activity, food, drink, etc. Emojis that users can find under these categories include ginger, folding hand fan, peapod, maracas, wireless symbols, khanda, etc.

Update on Web Push Notifications

In 2022, Apple demonstrated a feature at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Leveraging that specific feature, developers could send web-based push notifications to users. Apple had introduced this feature for Safari 16.1 with an update to mac OS Ventura.

Apple expects to announce the next version, iOS 17 and iPad OS 17, at WWDC in June 2023.

This feature has now been integrated into the new 16.4 OS version and will notify the users if they pin a web application to their home screen. It may help emerging Twitter rivals like T2 and Post that don’t have any native iOS versions of their applications yet.

The new update has also come up with a few other tweaks, including voice-over support for maps in the weather app, a keyboard with indigenous languages support, security fixes for Safari 16.4, duplicate photo detection in iCloud shared photo library, etc.

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