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ATi and AMD: perfect together

Ronald Hanaki
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Is Dr. Damage smiling now? ATi issued a press release yesterday promising that their Radeon line of graphics cards offer full support for the AMD 760 DDR chipset. More?

TORONTO, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ – ATI Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ATYT – news; TSE:ATY – news) today announced that its RADEON(TM) product line of graphics and video accelerators is fully optimized to support the recently announced AMD- 760(TM) chipset.

Through the use of Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAMs, AMD’s AMD-760 chipset offers double the performance of today’s PC100/PC133 SDRAM through a front side bus that operates at up to 266MHz. When combined with the chipset’s 4XAGP support, the latest high speed AMD Athlon(TM) processor and the 6.4GB/s of bandwidth that DDR gives ATI’s RADEON graphics processor, you have the next generation in performance computing.

“The combination of ATI’s RADEON graphics board with the 2.1GB/s bandwidth of our AMD-760 chipset offers a powerful combination of top performance for a reasonable price in a PC subsystem today,” said Ned Finkle, director of AMD’s Infrastructure Enablement Group. “DDR memory is the technology that powers both the AMD-760 chipset and ATI’s RADEON and AMD is happy to be working with ATI to help introduce the PC industry to DDR.”

Full AGP 4x support right off the bat. Hmm, is this a shot at NVIDIA? Windows 98 Central (nice redesign) has this quote from one of their partners in crime about the ‘leaked’ NVIDIA 6.47 Detonator drivers:

Yashiro points out that these “new” drivers fix a couple of problems. Here’s what he had to say:

These drivers include the fix for the BSOD on shutdown (mostly on WinMe systems), and apparently enable full AGP support for Win2k.

Full AGP support for Win2k. Better late than never, I guess. When you’re happy and you know it…