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Compaq iPaq runs Apache?

Ronald Hanaki
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The Register reports that you can now turn a Compaq iPaq PocketPC into an Apache based server.

Endeavors Technology, part of Tadpole Technology, itself best-known for its Sun Sparc-based notebooks, has ported its Magi Embedded peer-to-peer software over to Windows CE running on Compaq’s PDA.

Magi is a Gnutella-style file-sharing system designed to hook up any number of machines across the Internet and other networks to facilitate collaborative computing. Magi is based around what Endeavors calls a “thin server”, itself derived from Apache, the open source Web server. Effectively Magi turns any Net connected machine – from WAP phones to PDAs to Net appliances to PCs – into a Web server.

Go Gnutell it on a mountain. They include links so you can download the P2P software.