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Ronald Hanaki
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NVIDIA continues their hot streak. Here is the latest on their financials from Individual Investor:

On Thursday, Nvidia announced that it beat consensus estimates by 3 cents per share, earning $0.35 per diluted share during its fiscal third quarter, ended October 29. The stock ended Monday’s session at $59.07.

Last week, Mercury Research, a leading industry consultant, reported that Nvidia had finally overtaken rival ATI Technologies (NASDAQ: AYTY – Quotes, News, Boards) as the top producer of graphic processors for the personal computer market.

“Nvidia is better positioned than at any point in our history,” said Jen-Hsum Huang, Nvidia’s chief executive officer. Huang attributed the company’s strong fiscal third-quarter performance to a strong product line and the extension of the company’s core technology to new platforms.

Increasingly, the company is becoming “a one-stop-shop for graphics solutions,” according to Huang.

Something went BoomBoom yesterday. It is no secret that NVIDIA is making inroads into the chipset market. If this ACTU Micro story, originally in French, can be believed, NVIDIA is looking to “Crush” their competition. Here is an English translation provided by Free Translation:

The north bridge, Crush dénommé, manage the communication with the processeur and the memory. This last one will be DDR type, PC1600 (200 MHz), PC2100 (266 MHz) or again PC2600 (333 MHz). It will be declined in several moutures replying to the needs of the market. Some range entry, the memory l’interface be of traditionally of 64 bits. In high version of range, Crush will have access to a second memory canal, what will allow for him to communicate with the memory in 128 bits. Since the two canals be independent, it will be possible to connect a (the memory l’interface be of 64 bits) or two (interface 128 bits) memory barrettes, according to the performances and the in demands price! Besides, intègrera Crush a based graphic contrôlleur on the GeForce2 MX. That will not deprive it any connecteur AGP4X, what will allow there coupler the graphic card of his choice. The versions futures of intègreront Crush a circuit NV17, Of which the spécifications again are not known at the present time.

In a first time, these games of circuits will be reserved to the AMD processeurs, Athlon and Duron.

AMD and NVIDIA make an attractive match. We do not know the details of NV17 but NVIDIA’s plans will take advantage of faster DDR memory modules to be shipped next year:

Micron Technology Inc. expects to start shipping double-data-rate 334-MHz PC2600 SDRAM modules-the fastest DDR memory yet-in the second quarter of 2001, an official told EBN today.

NVIDIA looks almost untouchable. Life just got harder for everybody else.

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