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Easter Sunday Shortbread

Ronald Hanaki
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Easter Sunday

  • The Industry Standard on the real reason Microsoft won’t bring Blu-ray to the Xbox: HDi
  • CustomPC’s rumour control: Nvidia tries to buy VIA to get x86 license
  • Ars Technica reports that Rock Band meets iTunes, opens built-in music store
  • CPU3D’s Multiplay i33 coverage part II
  • HEXUS.tv covers XFX Factor challenge at Multiplay i33:
    day 1—introduction and audition session and day 2
  • Phoronix takes an early look at Mythbuntu 8.04
  • bit-tech reviews Frontlines: Fuel of War (PC)
  • Dan’s Data atomic I/O letters #80
  • TechConnect Magazine has Nvidia ForceWare 174.70 beta
  • Mikhailtech reviews Apiotek EC-PCM2B Express Card to PCMCIA
  • Overclocker Café reviews ATP Petito and ToughDrive flash drives
  • Dragon Steel Mods review Scythe Kama Flex 92mm silent case fan